How e-identification works

E-identification is an online document with which you can verify your identity on a computer, smartphone or tablet. E-identification may be useful or necessary when you purchase a product, use an online service, call an authority, contact your bank, etc. It can also be used to electronically sign a document.

E-identification works like the physical ID card, passport or driving licence that you show when picking up a package, boarding an international flight, etc.

Providers of e-identification

Private individuals currently have access to e-identification from four providers:

We will not discuss e-identification that you receive from your employer on this website.

Svensk e-legitimation - a government stamp of approval and reliability

The provider of an e-identification can apply for approval in accordance with Svensk e-legitimation. DIGG, The agency for digital government, checks it for reliability.

Three e-identification providers have received the stamp of approval at this point:

  • AB Svenska Pass
  • BankID
  • Freja eID Plus


An e-signature ensures that you have signed a document and that nobody has subsequently changed it.

Typical situations in which you provide an e-signature with your e-identification, even if you are not aware of it, are when you file a return on the Tax Agency website or use BankID to Swish money to someone.

Always make sure to read the text in your e-identification and the e-service you are using before you use your e-identification. You will notice that it is an e-signature when for example it says "Jag godkänner" (I approve) or "Jag skriver under" (I sign) in your e-identification or in the e-service you have logged in to.