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How e-identification works

Last updated: 2018-06-12

E-identification is an online document with which you can verify your identity on a computer, smartphone or tablet. E-identification may be useful or necessary when you purchase a product, use an online service, call an authority, contact your bank, etc.

E-identification works like the physical ID card, passport or driving licence that you show when picking up a package, boarding an international flight, etc.

Private individuals currently have access to e-identification from four sources:

We will not discuss e-identification that you receive from your employer and that you can use privately as well.

Svensk e-legitimation is a government stamp of approval and reliability

The issuer of e-identification can apply for approval in accordance with Svensk e-legitimation. The government E-Identification Board checks it for reliability. The board also ranks it on the basis of four ascending levels of security.

Two sources of e-identification have received the stamp of approval at this point:

  • AB Svenska Pass (security level 4)
  • Freja eID+ (security level 3)

BankID have applied for the stamp of approval but the application has not yet been processed.

An e-signature ensures that you have signed a document and that nobody has subsequently changed it

Typical situations in which you provide an e-signature with your e-identification, even if you are not aware of it, are when you file a return on the Tax Agency website or use BankID to Swish money to someone.

An e-signature is more secure than a written signature on a piece of paper. The reason is that an e-signature is added to invisible information about what you are signing. A person who checks your signature can tell whether it was really made with your e-identification and whether someone has changed what you signed.