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En webbplats om e-legitimation, e-underskrift och din säkerhet.

E-identification – your digital ID card

Last updated: 2018-05-17

E-identification gives you access to a wide range of online services, from booking concert tickets to filing income tax returns.

One key to the success of Sweden’s rapid digital transformation is the availability of secure, easy-to-use e-dentification.

This is your chance to find out more about e-signatures, as well as e-identification and how to obtain it. We will also offer advice and recommendations about protecting your e-identification.

Keeping your e-identification secure

Are you worried that it might not be safe to use e-identification? If you follow the advice below, you will have come a long way towards protecting it.

  • If someone calls and asks you to use your e-identification, regardless of the reason, simply hang up on them.
  • Choose a code that is hard to guess.
  • Don’t tell anyone, not even your friends or family, what your code is.

More advice and recommendations for protecting your e-identification